Forever Alone… Hand-In-Hand rings

Because the Asian population of the world apparently suffers from “Forever Alone Syndrome”, there is an Asian shop that sells iPhone covers with a life-size plastic hand attached to them, so you can feel as if you’re holding hands with someone while calling and texting. (Because that’s not creepy at all.)

If you’re like me, and you like the disembodied hand idea but don’t own an iPhone, Maryland-based jeweler Joanna Nealey has the solution for you. Hand-In-Hand is a set of silvery enamel rings that when worn look as if someone has tangled fingers with you. You might not get the “holding hands” feeling from them, but you do get extra style points for weirding out everyone who sees you!

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They weren’t for sale on her site ( but I found them on the blog of The Carrot Box, here:

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2 Responses to Forever Alone… Hand-In-Hand rings

  1. Way to cool. Would be weird answering the phone in the dark just waking up

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