QP’s Big Bucket List

Or, the list of things I want to do before I turn 30.

Live in another country, preferably a faraway country
Be part of an exchange program
Get a diploma
Get my Driver’s License
Get an actual day job and repay my study debt to my parents
Go to a rave
Dye my hair blue
Get a tattoo
“Work” in a professional dungeon
Shibari suspension bondage
Learn how to draw
Write and publish a novel
Travel. Travel so much.
Hitchhike to a destination of choice
Get high on Salvia Divinorum
Own (or at least rent) my own place
Learn Salsa
Get paid for sex
Have sex with a complete stranger
Dance in a fountain
Learn a foreign language
Pose nude for art
Get a really fancy manicure
Finish and wear a decent cosplay
Grow my hair out past waist length

(to be continued)

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