QP’s Lists

The silliest, most ridiculous, useless and ever-expanding collection of bucket lists ever seen.

Courtesy of QP The Insane and the Riemann Hypothesis.

1 Response to QP’s Lists

  1. Henk says:

    Hi QP, couldn’t find a proper place to get in touch (I don’t want to be on Facebook or Twitter) so here it is, simply destroy after reading like James Bond used to do. Judging from your many colorful fun stuff posts you must have been feeling fine lately, or is that just a kind of cover?
    While wandering through the endless yards of FindAGrave looking for dark inspiration (sometimes to be found where you least expect it, I’ve been thinking a gravestone series), I came across the grave of one Agnes M. Riemann. One of the grandmothers of your Still Unsolved Half? Anyway she may have been some kind of atheist like you, for she got an unusual stone with a fallen cross instead of a standing one:
    Hope you don’t mind this weird comment. Best wishes, HvS (stayontop)

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