QP’s Big List of Things She Absolutely Hates

QP’s Big List of Things She Absolutely Hates

  • Not being taken seriously. (This especially goes for threats but generally in every manner I hate it. I hate it so that I would put it on the list multiple times to illustrate it.)
  • Being made fun of
  • Not being respected. (Especially when kids are involved. I hate those little obnoxious creatures that think they can get away with anything just because they can sue you if you hit them)
  • Yoghurt
  • Paper wrappers of glass pots getting all wet and slimy
  • Generally all food that is white and slimy and yoghurt-like
  • Old Band-Aids floating in a swimming pool
  • Smart-asses
  • Kids that look so awkward you’d say they have a sign on their head saying “easy victim” (because A. they’re plain pathetic and B. I detest weakness)
  • Bullies (They’re also plain pathetic, because they need to bring others down to feel better which is definitely weak)
  • Quitters and all people who give stuff up
  • Being forced to do stuff I don’t find useful by people I disrespect
  • Gory “I am so hot and I know it” smirks from men (especially when I’m about to kiss/have sex with them and don’t think they’re that hot at all)
  • Getting a preach from my parents, especially when early in the morning and for a silly reason
  • Weakness of character
  • Stuff getting stuck to my bare feet
  • Crushing a snail with my foot
  • When someone tries to put his finger in my ear
  • When my lack of language knowledge leads to making a fool out of myself
  • Speaking too much, making jokes no one thinks are funny and other socially awkward situations
  • Messy eaters, especially children, who spill food all over their clothes and face
  • Crying children in public spaces

11 Responses to QP’s Big List of Things She Absolutely Hates

  1. chris9911 says:

    you sound pretty normal to me

    • I’m considering that a compliment 🙂

      • chris9911 says:

        Are you sure you are not seeing these therapists for sake of “owning” them?…like a weird hobby or something.

      • Not really. I see them because I’m schizophrenic. I consider the possibility to “own” them a (positive? xD) side effect of the condition.

      • chris9911 says:

        Ofcourse its positive, because you probably feel pretty darn good afterwards…lol. Isn’t that what therapy is all about it? you want to feel good after your session, right? 🙂
        What was the worst thing that happened as a result of your condition?

      • That’s right… 😀
        And the worst, let me think… Attempted suicide would theoretically classify as the worst, but in my opinion the acute psychosis that had me hospitalized was the worst. I couldn’t distinguish reality from fiction, the whole world threatened me, I scratched the walls until my nails bled (so cliché but yes I did that), the hallucinations were quite terrifying at times, and on top of all that I had to live with the knowledge I had lost the one thing dearest to me by my own mistake. That got me to lockdown for two weeks, complete isolation… it was pretty bad. Afterwards the symptoms diminished somewhat, so I guess that was the worst.

      • chris9911 says:

        Lot of people attemp suicide. Heck, I considered suicide when I lost EVERYTHING in a single trade…lol. So I wouldn’t think suicide by itself is anything out of norm.
        You went “crazy” because you had something to do with losing your dearest one. If somebody came in and killed my child becasue I wasn’t there to protect him, I would be going APESHIT!!!
        I think some people are more passionate than others and care little more about some things that others might not appreciate.

        It sounds like your brain resolved all the major issues and you have turned the corner?

      • Well, my dearest one was the concept of Physics, that I perceive(d) as a living entity, and the whole story is rather complicated, but you might have a point.
        They say schizophrenia never gets better, it only gets worse, but I managed to live through a pretty rough episode and I’m still standing, so I have good hopes 🙂
        Things are going better indeed and I hope with the whole of my unstable chemistry that it will keep going that direction…

      • chris9911 says:

        Some people believe in God and some people believe in physics and math, does it matter it any of it is living or perpetual motion phenomenon? You really can lose your mind with this sort of stuff. Did you stop because you were going mad? I would love to hear your whole story, but not so much detail thats going to trigger anything bad inside you.
        They say schizophrenia never gets better? lol. Let me guess, its those geniuses with Md and PhD to their name…don’t even get me started with that…lol. You just keep writing and interacting and you’ll realize there is nothing wrong with you 🙂

      • I did not stop… Physics is a part of me in a way that will always… well, haunt me, so to say. I still love it too deeply for my own good.
        I went mad, which somewhat forced me to stop my study…
        And yeah, that’s what the doctor’s say… It won’t get better. But let us hope that I’ll get better anyway. That’s a nice thing to hope for.

  2. ubu507 says:

    I hate bullies more than anything. And sorry to interject a tiny note of reality, but, yeah, suicide is out of the norm and a pretty serious red flag. Attempting it and considering it are completely different things.

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