The Madhouse

Since describing the interior of this place would be quite lengthy  and boring, I thought I better say it with photos… All these were made with my webcam, by sneakily taking my computer with me while sneaking through the hospital. Luckily this is a madhouse, so you can do weird stuff without too many people wondering why.

The Neuropsychiatry Department

The Neuropsychiatry Department

So we see the room where they do EEG, the treatment table, the doctor’s lab coat and a random wheelchair….

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Yes, we mad people have our own kitchen! The windowpane used to be Schizoid Andrea’s lair -but she left… God, I think I really miss her-, the coffee machine is holy, and the blue door at the end of the corridor is where we wait in line to get our pills…

The Department of Clinical Diagnosis (and the big kitchen)

The Department of Clinical Diagnosis (and the big kitchen)

Here we have the Department of Clinical Diagnosis (the home of the psychologists)… The two pictures on the right of the big one show a glimpse of the big kitchen where the food is prepared for the whole hospital… And the blue door at the end of the corridor… that is the fearsome Lockdown Department…

The Therapy...


For these pics I sneaked into the Group Therapy room, where I saw the lovely setting in the right top corner. Seats circled around a box of Kleenex. Crying in a circle instead of crying in a corner. Then, we also see that creepy table… yes, they tie people to that. Don’t ask how I managed to get in there. The other pics are from the common living area. Looks cosy, don’t you think?

8 Responses to The Madhouse

  1. Philip says:

    Just want to vent a bit. Need an outlet. If this is life, I give it back. It sucks. If there is life after death, take that too. I am not interested.

  2. If these walls could talk….or to some I suppose they do.

  3. OnX says:

    Hi QP! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m quite enjoying yours! I must confess, however, that I am thoroughly curious about the Dx you were given. I haven’t run across it so far in my rummaging here. I do know that there’d be no way in hell a hospital in the States would allow a patient to have a computer. We’re rather stodgy in all areas when it comes to mental health. Hell, we’re stodgy (read “stupid”) when it comes to all sorts of things! Heaven forbid a mental health patient should be treated with respect as a person. That would never fly. There’d be some Right Wing nut-job in the legislature railing against an abuse of those poor, poor corporations who increasingly insist that employees pay larger and larger portions of their own healthcare bills only to bitch and moan that their constituents (read “corporations” who provide milk from the corporate teat through super-PACs) were being disadvantaged. “Obamacare,” as these bat-shit crazy legislators (read “legislative obstructionists”) would call it, “coddles patients!” This is especially if they have mental health issues, addiction issues or help in NOT having either. Be very glad you’re in Europe. May I join you? *grin*

    • You can always join me 🙂
      I was diagnosed with several things; apparently I’m a strange case. I have symptoms of DID (this being the woman called Riemann who lives in my head and takes over my body from time to time), I am apparently still psychotic after everything they’ve done, I am schizoid but I don’t know which type (not delusional though, thank the spaghetti monster xD) and lately I’m deemed psychopathic as well. Apparently that’s a rare combination 😀

  4. inarticulate_poet says:

    It creates a sort of special bond to know that hospitals all over world are uniformly crap. Thanks for the photos. Bauhaus on a budget.

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