Memento Mori Monday: The Anatomical Venus

It’s been a while… but it’s monday and I felt like doing something other than freaking out today, so here I am again.

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An Anatomical Venus is a wax model of a female, that either has her organs in sight, or can be dissected by means of removable parts. The dolls were invented in the late 18th century (Victorian Era) to educate both physicians and laymen about the peculiarities of female anatomy. If not in a medical institution, an Anatomical Venus could often be found on display in traveling sideshows. Women were allowed and even encouraged to visit these expositions, as it was deemed important they learned about the workings of their own body. The displays also served to warn the general populace of the dangers of promiscuity, as there was often a whole section of them devoted to venereal diseases.


Nevertheless, the models usually had very beautiful features, and sometimes they were placed in oddly sensual positions. The contrast between esthetic attraction and repulsion is quite strange… and to me, quite enticing also.


There just is something about seeing a beautiful woman with her skin peeled back and her organs spread out on the table that sends a tingle of delight over my skin… I don’t think I need to elaborate on why I picked this for Memento Mori monday, right?


It reminds me of some modern art by Daniel Hirst I saw in an exposition lately, but stranger, knowing that these weren’t meant as art per se.


This is basically the predecessor of the famous Körperwelten exposition, and I imagine it must have drawn a similarly intrigued public back in the days…


For more information about the Anatomical Venus, check:

For more intriguing pictures of anatomical models and doctor dolls, this Pinterest board is without compare:

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7 Responses to Memento Mori Monday: The Anatomical Venus

  1. YAPCaB says:

    Glad you’re back and the exams are behind you.

    • They are not. They haven’t even started, unfortunately. I’m back because I need to distract myself from impending doom… *sigh*

      • YAPCaB says:

        Well it’s a roller coaster story for me. Last Friday night was great. Saturday and Sunday, not so good. I spent much of the time praying for an aneurism to kill me. Such are the delights of my Lupron induced depressions. This evening has been much better, had a really good time tonight.

        I hope you’re having at least some breaks where you feel good. You deserve it.

      • I’m sorry to hear your medication is making you feel miserable. I’m not sure it compares, but I know a thing or two about drug side effects and chemical imbalance, and it’s no fun. I hope the good moments do outweigh the bad in both quantity and quality 😉

        I have good moments too; menial tasks like sewing and cleaning usually ease my mind for the time they take to do, and small things like a friendly word, a fanfic review, or a hug of my little sister generally make me feel better as well for a little while. I try to hold on to that when things are worse.

      • YAPCaB says:

        The good times do outweigh the bad thankfully.

        I find distraction, such as reading the news, is the best way for me to cope.

  2. YAPCaB says:

    Just read the other post. Sorry exams aren’t behind you and things aren’t going well.

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