Alea Iacta Est… 3D Printed Dice

I never knew why anyone would need dice other than the classic dotted cube… but then, my experience with dice-games is limited to the kind you play with your family around the salon table. After seeing the beautiful dice of Shapeways designer Ceramicwombat, I might just expand my game horizons, if only to have an excuse to buy some of these…


As with most Shapeways designs, these dice are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and they come in many more shapes than the ones I featured here. I had to pick my favorites… and that was very, very hard. Do check out the designer’s store, it’s full of awesome! (Shapeways is a bit like Modcloth or Etsy to me; I click from one thing to the next, going all “I WANT EVERYTHINNNG” in my head…)

625x465_126155_1052422_1403193154 625x465_126260_1052389_1392837368 625x465_1136232_1052339_1370477830 625x465_105443_1054986_1370564189

More 3D-printed epicness here:

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1 Response to Alea Iacta Est… 3D Printed Dice

  1. AstroPilot says:

    Very nice design work! Is it true for all of those, that like in a normal cube the sum of numbers on opposite sides is a constant (n+1 with n being the number of surface segments) ?

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