Magnetic Attraction… Glauco Cambi’s Jewelry

Here I am again, featuring jewelry… again. I can’t help it that there are so many awesome jewelry designers, right? These pieces by Italian jewelry artist Glauco Cambi caught my eye because they’re both quirky and brilliantly simple. Made from bronze, yellow gold, agate, and what I guess is some sort of magnet system, “Magnetic Attraction” features a ring and a pair of earrings…

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Glauco Cambi has more awesome pieces in his gallery, so-called kinetic jewelry with little moving parts to play with when you’re bored (at least, that’s what I would do with it), so check that out!

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1 Response to Magnetic Attraction… Glauco Cambi’s Jewelry

  1. AstroPilot says:

    Nicely applied physics.

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