Erased Heritage… Carpets by Jan Kath

I doubt I will ever be able to spend a shitload of money on a carpet, but if the opportunity would ever arise, I’d get myself one by Jan Kath. His designs are unusual and a little bizarre sometimes, but that is exactly how I like it. “Erased Heritage”, his latest collection, shows traditional persian carpets with what at first sight appears to be a lot of wear-and-tear; only it isn’t real damage, it’s exactly how they were made. The collection is really food for thought, creating an interesting contrast between new and time-worn, erased and never-there-to-begin-with… It made me think of the cupboard I featured a while ago; new objects made to look warped and distorted. It’s a bit like acid washed jeans, but in design… and it has a nice look to it too! Do check the pictures out in full view to fully appreciate them…


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