These Are Mine(s)! Marinemine Furniture

One thing I loved about the movie “Despicable Me” (it’s a kids movie, but if you haven’t seen it you should, it’s a gem of silly humor for all ages) were the kids’ beds, made out of bombs. For those who haven’t seen it, here is a screenshot.

bomb beds

Now, being a lover of all things that explode, I wanted to know if there were people who actually made stuff like this. And guess what? There are. Marinemine Furniture, a “functional art” project by the Estonian Mati Karmin, repurposes the casings of old Russian sea mines by turning them into interesting furniture pieces.  The result may not look like the bomb beds from Despicable Me, but it’s still pretty damn awesome!

preview4 preview9 preview-2baarikapp_meeli Table_glass_Mine_01

Many more models, and also information on the bombs themselves, can be found on:

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5 Responses to These Are Mine(s)! Marinemine Furniture

  1. I loved their beds too! Such a great movie!

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