Baroque ‘N’ Roll… Jimmy Martin Furniture

The designer duo Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar -known as “Jimmie Martin”- produces a range of “antique” furniture with an interesting twist. Their hand-painted decorations and funky paintjobs turn “antique style” pieces into modern eye-catchers… Their work is purposefully tacky, sometimes very witty and sometimes borderline offensive… but it certainly is never boring. I love it!

REVENGE_LRGlinda-600EYES_LRGbeautiful-invisible-red-silver-chests-600  KUWAIT_STOOL_LRG 3c7b281510be3de05e34421adbcf4bc7  aceofclubs600

In case you have no money to splurge on a piece signed “Jimmie Martin”, I believe it is very possible to recreate this look with second hand furniture and spray paint. In case you do have the cash (or for inspiration), check out!

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