The reason why it’s hard to stay mad at Chanel: Bags.

I’m not a fan of Chanel. Not anymore that is. These days they make clothes for women without breasts and without ass, that look like potato sacks even on their models and worse on anyone else. It’s a little harsh perhaps, but it’s true. Every show I’m like “hello unrealistic body image” a bit more. I could go on a rant here about cropped flat chest jackets and sack-dresses, but I won’t. There is a reason why I can never hold on to my anger towards Chanel, and that reason is… bags. Leave it to “Kaiser Karl” to make up the most talked about (and ridiculous) bags of the season…

Chanel Bag Collection SS13

The huge hoop bag is downright ridiculous, but I have a crush on the small version… Not to mention the awesome “lego-clutches” in a wide variety of colors and the classic bag in Mondrian-like shades. The clothes may be far out of my league both financially and physically, I will always love those bags. If only I were rich…

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2 Responses to The reason why it’s hard to stay mad at Chanel: Bags.

  1. badfads says:

    Yeahhh, no matter how much I get mad at Chanel, I can’t deny that I would buy one of those bags in a heartbeat if I had a spare three grand lying around.

    • So true right! I was really pissed at the Chanel show once again this time. Those clothes are unwearable for anyone with a curve, and I’m talking normal curves, not even my brand of chubbiness… Not to mention that they didn’t even really flatter the models. But those bags… yeah, those make up for it 😉

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