Shi Jinsong’s “Na Zha Baby Boutique”…

I’m not really a fan of little children… Too much crying, vomit, poop, insomnia, responsibility… No, I’m not a fan of little children. But when seeing the awesome sculptures by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong I start to have doubts. His “Na Zha Baby Boutique” collection is inspired by the child-god Na Zha from Chinese folklore, who was known for pranks, violence, cunning intelligence and “power-dressing”, if we have to believe Wikipedia. I can think of no better example for my possible offspring… And just look at that buggy… I would win all the “mommy wars” without a single effort!

Baba horror butik02

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1 Response to Shi Jinsong’s “Na Zha Baby Boutique”…

  1. Butterfly Joy says:

    Na Zha (or Ne Zha as I believe to be the correct pronunication) is my childhood hero! Lol. His story is very violent and bloody indeed.
    As a kid he killed the son of a dragon king, cut it open and took out its tendon to play with. He was scolded by his father for this crime. When father threatened to kill him, Ne Zha cut himself open and separated his bone and flesh, saying I am returning my bones and flesh to you so I don’t owe you anything now. Later Boddhisattva Guanyin gave him a new body made of Lotus flowers and leaves.

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