The Terrible/Terrific Martin Margiela For H&M Collection

The title says it all. This collection hits all the right AND all the wrong spots with me. First, lets begin with what I like. Patent leather shoes with lucite heels. I love them, and if I weren’t a broke student I would buy them in every color available. Awesome with a big A. Then, the candy wrapper bag. I think it is inventive and original and therefor again a win for MMM at H&M. Available in silver and metallic pink, I love it.

Then, for Martin Margiela apparently is the man of the mystery bags, there is a bag made out of gloves and a few upside-down bags in the collection too. I’m not that big a fan, but kudos for the originality. I just prefer not to have to explain to my friends that “no there’s nothing wrong with my bag, it’s Martin Margiela”…

the upside-down bag. No, your stuff won’t fall out.

Then, the collection also holds a few greek-styled gowns (I like them), and a pair of mirror-covered leggings (I like them). And that’s about it for what I like, now I can finally start to rant about what I hate.

You see what that is on the left side? It’s a sheer-ish top -and if it’s not sheer it’s at least meat colored, almost as bad- with a fake bra/bikini top. Why oh why would anyone want this?

Then, those pants. It’s possible that they just appear this huge because the model is really thin, but frankly I doubt it. They are huge. The Hulk could wear these pants and not rip them.

They also seem to have a weird closing mechanism that makes the crotch look awkward, and hey, where IS the crotch? Oh there it’s between her knees… what?

And they aren’t hemmed. Please designers, hem your pants, the world and its dirty sidewalks will be grateful!

Onto the next troubled outfit. See? Good shoes. Cool pants. Is that a fucking duvet? If I’m going to pay 250 euros for a coat I would prefer if it doesn’t make me look like I took my bed coverage outside with me.

I have, sadly enough, experience with big, long, bulky coats. I had a very clueless period in primary school and I can tell you this. coats like this don’t look good on anyone in real life.

Also, real life white coats, they stay about white for three days, courtesy of smog, street dirt and rain. Don’t opt for white unless you are that chick from Transformers 3 whose white coat just stays white no matter how much explosions happen around her. (magic!)

That’s about it for fashion ranting. Hope it didn’t annoy you too much… Check it out at:

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