QP’s Stress Relieving Therapy (Feat. Nr 7)

I have taken a pretty big step. I enrolled at the university again, for History of Art. Yes, your sad that right, I am going to study again. I am aware of the amount of cliché, and I am aware that HoA is something you study only to have a grade in something, and I certainly am aware of the fact it’s not really self-evident for a schizophrenic with psychopath tendencies to do anything at all besides wasting time at the madhouse. And still, I have enrolled and monday will be my first day. The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life, I should say. (TFDOTROML?)

Thinking about Physics makes me sadder than ever, so I try not to think about it. Yesterday I was also horny beyond description, so I called Experiment Nr 7 and told him to come and release me of my ordeal. And trust me, when he was done with me I couldn’t think of anything anymore. Not that he didn’t make use of my stressed-and-horny state…

I love giving blowjobs. I truly don’t understand how so many women come to hate it because I really like it. For one, you please your partner, for two, it’s a fun thing to do, for three, I really think it is beyond enticing. So I pleased Nr 7 until he came in my mouth, delightful… Now one of the best things about Nr 7 is that he is quickly ready for another round. So he gagged me (I’m noisy and it’s my parents’ house after all) and teased my clit a bit. Usually this is great for “wetting the appetite” but at the moment I was already dripping… so it was just fun. He spread my legs, held them up in a V, and fucked me roughly until I came, grunting and biting my gag. Without giving me time to recover he drew back and started fingering me, soon going over into fisting. At this point everything becomes fuzzy… I came again, slipping off, but he slapped me in the face to keep me awake. He then withdrew his fist from my vagina and started fucking me again, regularly hitting me to make sure I couldn’t slip right away. The last thing I remember is feeling how he came inside me. Then it was just as if the bed disappeared from under me, letting me fall into nothingness. Utterly relaxing…

So, today I had a serious conversation with my mother. Apparently it is inappropriate to have loud sex, especially during daytime. She said she was practically embarrassed in my place. *rolls eyes* I could make a very mean comment about jealousy right now but I’m going to refrain from doing so…

Anyway, does anyone have tips, hints or things I must certainly think about when going back to the university?

Love and Chaos,


About quantumphysica

My name is QuantumPhysica The Insane, but you can call me QP. I am insane, admitted to a mental hospital in Belgium, and waiting for a decent diagnosis at the moment. Once I was a physics student with goals in life and what more; now I'm simply the patient of Room 93. Ever wondered what life is like in the psychiatric ward? I'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know... I am... particularly twitchy of personality. But I also am genuinely interested in everything. There is nothing that doesn't interest me, really. Everything, from quantum computers to fashion and cars to traveling... I also give advice. On anything. No taboos whatsoever. And I make lists of things...
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5 Responses to QP’s Stress Relieving Therapy (Feat. Nr 7)

  1. The link between sex and state of mind is fascinating!

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