Excerpt from the Torture Book: To Mess With Wrong People

This is an excerpt from my personal “Torture Book”. I write in it to relax and for other, more pleasant purposes. This one was written “in honor” of a girl called Andrea, that really got me started back at the madhouse and got into a fight with me. I apologize for the faulty description of both equipment and bodily functions; my ration was malfunctioning at the time…

The girl woke up tied to a chair. The straps cut her arms. It was dark. Where the hell was she? She remembered fighting with one of the other girls in the institution… and they had taken her away for emergency sedation… where was she? Why wasn’t she in her room?
‘Are you scared yet?’ A low, feminine voice softly hissed behind her.
‘What the fuck is this? Let me go!’ The light went on. A spot shone brightly into her eyes, she had to pinch them to see anything. She could see a woman in a labcoat. Her hair was short and blue, and her eyes were hidden behind silver metal shades.  She stayed half in the shadow.
‘You know… I remember someone telling me, in this place you better not mess with the wrong people, as there are some who have trouble controlling their… anger.’ The strange woman continued. She spoke softly and deliberate, but nevertheless threatening.
‘And let me tell you this.  You messed with the wrong person.’ She stepped in the light, and the girl grasped for breath. Cables and machinery dangled from the head of the woman. Her tight black latex suit left little to the imagination, and her tongue went over her red lips as if she was looking at a tasty dessert. The girl cursed.
‘Let me out of here, you bloody whore!’ She struggled to get out of the chair, which she now recognized as one of the EEG chairs from the neurophysiology department. The straps were too tight; she could feel her wrists were bleeding. The blue haired woman giggled.
‘You will get out of here, so much is true… Perhaps not in your original constitution, but still…’ The girl could hardly control herself, what the fuck was that woman thinking? She had to get out!
‘Watch out before you cut your wrists that way… It’s not that I don’t support you dying, but I would rather not have to clean too much. I usually work in a less messy way.’ The woman switched on bright TL-light. The girl could now see a few metal tables around the chair, filled with surgical equipment. An unpleasant feeling sneaked up on her.
‘What… what the fuck are you going to do?’
‘In the old days, there was a practice called vivisection. I plan on giving new life to that wonderful but unfortunately obsolete tradition…’ The girl eyes widened.
‘You’re a fucking mad psycho! You can’t fucking cut me open?’ The woman smiled warmly.
‘Of course I can, dear. But trust me. By the time we get to that part… you’ll be begging me to cut…’ Before the girl could curse some more, the woman gagged her.
‘I don’t like screaming too much. At least, not your screaming. The screaming of professionals, on the other hand…’ She clicked on a button, and from hidden speakers sounded loud guitars and a raw male voice hissing and screaming curses. The woman threw back her head and moaned in pleasure.
‘Aaah… foreplay…’ Then she turned to the girl, and took a pair of surgical scissors in her hands.
‘First, we remove all unnecessary coverage.’ She cut open the clothes of the girl, and then pulled them away, bra and underpants as well. When the girl was completely naked, the woman stared pensive at her body.
‘Hmn… there’s something I’m forgetting here…’ Then she smiled. ‘Of course. No jewelry on the operating table!’ She pulled out the earrings of the girl, ripping her ears open. The girl’s eyes widened in pain, and tears ran over her face, but because of the gag she couldn’t make a sound. The woman bent over the girl, smiling.  Her face was only a centimeter away when she hissed.
‘I wonder if I can taste the neuroleptics in your blood…’ She licked the girls bleeding ear and giggled.
‘You have a pleasurable taste. I think I will keep a piece of you in my refrigerator, for when I feel like reliving this joy again…’ She bit the ear and tore off a piece with her teeth. The girl was breathing heavily, and blood streamed over her face now. The woman chewed it, pensively licked her lips, and then swallowed it.
‘Nothing tastes better than human flesh, flavored with cortisol and adrenaline and a hint of Seroquel…’ She laughed. ‘I might cut you up in tiny little pieces so I have a piece of that delicacy all the coming days!’
She put her foot, covered in a latex boot with enormous aluminum heel, between the legs of the girl.
‘Do you like my shoes? 20 centimeters… that’s more than most men can say… What do you think?’ She moved her leg forward with remarkable limberness, making the aluminum heel penetrate the girl’s vagina.
‘Do you like it?’ She pushed it a little further. ‘I know it’s not a vibrator, but believe me, oscillation isn’t everything.’ The girl was on the verge of breakdown. Her eyes were wide in terror, her pale face only colored by the blood from her bleeding ears, her breathing fast and heavy. When the woman pulled back her foot, blood came from the girl’s vagina.
‘Oops, I might have damaged something in there! But then, there’s already enough damage in there, so a scar more or less doesn’t really matter, does it?’ the woman pulled a machine closer. She took two cables from a standard.
‘These, my dear, are suction cables. They are used in ECG measurements, and they have a safety so they don’t suck anything vacuum. This safety…’ The woman pushed a cable from her own head in the machine and continued. ‘Is being overridden now. So…’ She attached the cables to the girl’s nipples and forehead. ‘Let the fun begin!’ With a push on a button, the machine started working. The skin of the girl’s forehead started to tear because of the strong vacuum that was being created under the electrode. Same for the girl’s boobs: the skin got pulled to the electrodes so tight it got ripped apart. It hurt so much the girl’s moaning could be heard despite the very effective gag. Finally she lost consciousness, only to wake up again immediately after it. Her boobs and forehead were bleeding, and blood ran in her eyes. Pain governed the whole of her body. She screamed her lungs out, but because of the gag, no sound came out. The blue-haired woman was smiling down upon her.
‘Why?’ she wanted to ask. ‘What the fuck did I do?’ As if the woman read her mind, she softly said.
‘Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you. Because I hate it when people can’t control their anger. I support diplomacy more than anything.’ The girl realized the woman had been right. She had so much pain right now that all she wanted was it to be over. Tantalizingly slow, the woman reached for a scalpel and placed it against the girl’s chest.
‘I can’t wait to see your messed up intestines… Have you pissed in your pants already? Because if not, I can still cut open your bladder as well…’ And she cut. Compared to the pain of the suction electrodes, the cutting felt almost pleasurable. But then she cut deeper. Made a Y-shaped incision, and folded open her skin like a sheet. The pain… the pain was worse than anything… The girl felt how the woman cut on her inside. A last shiver went through her. Then she finally collapsed, never to wake up again. But to the pleasure of the blue haired woman, her heart kept beating for at least three hours, enough to remove her entrails and cut those open,  open the stomach, remove hydrochloric acid with a pipette and pour it on the lungs, and finally cut the throat from the inside. She looked smiling at her work as she heard the desperate squeaking of the last grasp of air in the girl’s lungs.
Don’t mess with the wrong people. Trust me on it.

The woman in the excerpt is known throughout the pages of the Torture Book as The Sadist… I never really felt like naming her otherwise.

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My name is QuantumPhysica The Insane, but you can call me QP. I am insane, admitted to a mental hospital in Belgium, and waiting for a decent diagnosis at the moment. Once I was a physics student with goals in life and what more; now I'm simply the patient of Room 93. Ever wondered what life is like in the psychiatric ward? I'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know... I am... particularly twitchy of personality. But I also am genuinely interested in everything. There is nothing that doesn't interest me, really. Everything, from quantum computers to fashion and cars to traveling... I also give advice. On anything. No taboos whatsoever. And I make lists of things...
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8 Responses to Excerpt from the Torture Book: To Mess With Wrong People

  1. Although I am not sure if I would go that far, I have a rule do not break my fuck toy.

  2. This was awesome! I used to make stories like that in my head when I was younger. I never wrote them down because nothing I wrote was safe from prying eyes.

    • I have a whole book of these… I write them at least twice a week, and almost every day in difficult periods. I’m glad you like it!
      It really sucks when people got though your stuff…

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