A Door to the Other Side… Illusion Door Decals

For those among us who like to feel a little disconnected from reality -or those who are, liking it or not- there is a way to make our own world just that tit bit more interesting… Doors are usually painted in a rather boring color, blending into the walls… Now we can make them “gates to an alternate reality”… (Careful not to walk into them though *giggle*)

Prison Cell Door Decal Danger Door Decal Open Lift Door Decal Phone Booth Door Decal

I took the liberty of picking a few of my own favorites from the extensive collection of exquisite and highly realistic door decals I stumbled upon lately… But if you don’t feel the urge to add a prison cell or a phone booth to your home decor, there are plenty of other designs available as well, ranging from book shelves to shoe racks and a view on the stairs of Montmartre… Absolutely worth checking out, and not expensive… And then as a last addition to this post, I thought I should pay tribute to the age-old idea of padded rooms in the madhouse…

Padded Room Wallpaper

All this lovely illusionary stuff and much more is to be found here: http://www.couturedeco.com/

About quantumphysica

My name is QuantumPhysica The Insane, but you can call me QP. I am insane, admitted to a mental hospital in Belgium, and waiting for a decent diagnosis at the moment. Once I was a physics student with goals in life and what more; now I'm simply the patient of Room 93. Ever wondered what life is like in the psychiatric ward? I'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know... I am... particularly twitchy of personality. But I also am genuinely interested in everything. There is nothing that doesn't interest me, really. Everything, from quantum computers to fashion and cars to traveling... I also give advice. On anything. No taboos whatsoever. And I make lists of things...
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7 Responses to A Door to the Other Side… Illusion Door Decals

  1. Maggie Mae says:

    Sweet!!! Another fantastic one that I want!

  2. Your spirit and humour is not notch, no surprise because with psychosis to endure, and to come out the over side constantly, chuckling. Your mind set and outlook are fab, should be bog standard… and right up my alley. Laughter through the tears..I’m glad I clicked on strange last night and found youuuuuu..Dawny 😉

  3. that was meant to say top notch! doh

  4. Your ideology rocks dear lady! You’re an inspiration, and from what i’ve seen, a spangly writer too. Go you and go your blog, it’s time someone saw a whole picture instead of a slimline biological fucked up view of a mind that may be different, but is also bloooody beautiful! Dawny 😉

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